day 1: our first day we had to get up early and be school at around 7:30, the bus leaves at around 7:45. after the long bus ride we had to lug our bags over to the junk which took us over to the place were we will be camping in it is called tung long island. next we had to bring our huge bags over to the camping area. next we got sorted into our groups to create group names the names were: x-rays, Oompa Loompa's  and purple cobras. then we played some fun mini games like pipe ball which we all got very wet in. next was the amazing race were you had to crack a code by stepping on different blocks it took me and the x-rays a long time to crack the code.
day 2: today we got up nice and early and hand some morning exercise which was learning the ran sam sam it goes like this: aaaah ran sam sam a ran sam sam a chiny chiny and a ran sam sam bananas bananas a chiny chiny and a ran sam sam a pizza hut pizza hut Kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut mcdonalds mcdonalds kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut a ford escort ford escort a mini mini and a ford escort feria feria a mini mini and a ford escort. next we learned about harness and cow tails after that we did the Tyrollean.
day 3: we did the absail which was pretty freaky cause it was going down a cliff backwards I was the first girl to go. later we did rock climbing which was really fun I beat the record for both the medium and the hardest. after that we had the amazing race in which my team (the x-rays) won in.  that was announced on the boat ride back to hong kong we were all sad and happy sad because we had to leave camp happy because we could take s normal shower and toilets that were not holes in the ground.      

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