Today we had a gallery walk of all the artist in residence work. We saw the other class'(5SM) work with the drama actor. there play was about a elephant with a short nose so he could not hit like the other animals. one day the elephant got caught by a alligator by the time the alligator let him go she had a long trunk. I thought the story was really interesting because it was about how the elephant  was made. That was my most favorite thing. It was really cool about how much effort people put in to there work.
11/16/2009 07:58:36 pm

Whatr a nice picture of us! I agree about the baby elephant I think it was funny yet informative!

11/18/2009 06:21:14 pm

I think that people made a real effort with their work too!! Your serpent looks fantastic!

11/22/2009 11:56:42 am

Yes, I agree. It was an interesting story about elephants. I love the picture too!

11/23/2009 06:59:05 pm

Exactly what Erin said!


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