On Thursday we went to the Jewish synagogue. First the person talked about the holy bible and about what happened in world war 2, I already read lots of books about world war 2. Then we had a look at the bible which was written on parchment. Anna Van de Bery told us that there were about 20 bibles but there were ones with mistakes. I liked this field trip a lot.
12/6/2009 07:43:38 pm

You mentioned that you have read lots of books about World War 2, it would be great if you added a few things that you learned from those books into this blog post to show your knowledge.

12/8/2009 07:41:25 pm

Wow they do have allot of bibles was that field trip like the christian one

1/25/2010 04:51:53 pm

I also like that field trip


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