Welcome to my parent teacher confrerence blog post. In this blog post I am going to write about things that I have improved on. I have linked in on some of the things that show I am a good learner.


For parent teacher conferences I am going to show my parents one piece  of work that I am proud of called Romeo and Juilet and one piece of work that I am not so proud of called Chi Lin Nunnery. In Romeo and Juliet  I was really descriptive and I used more detail then in Chi Lin Nunnery. I think in Chi Lin Nunnery I did try but I just didn't describe as well as I did in Romeo and Juliet. Here is how I think I did on a rubric
My math short term goal is to focus more on fast division I can improve this by practicing on mathletics. I also think I have been doing a lot more working out if you click here you can see a math page were I did some working out. My long term goal is to try to be neater in my math work book.

                                                My  Goals
My goals this year are to work on my blog more because I think I could write way more than I am doing now if you look at this blog post you will see what I mean. My second goal is to improve my Mandarin test goals I have been practicing, but I think I should be trying a bit harder. I have one more goal which is to get to level 24 in typing.
In UOI we have different units, the unit so far that I think I did the best is   where we are in place and time. In that unit the thing I did best at was the chinese clothing, I made a costume of a Chinese poet. My goal for UOI is to write more reflections on how the unit went.

My learner profiles for this year are that I am a thinker, caring and inquirer. I think that I should keep those ones because I usually am thinking more about any questions I get. Caring because if any of friends have a problem I help them.  Inquirer because I inquire about any questions I have to do in class.   

Thank you for reading my PTC blog post I hope I can improve on all the goals that I have set for myself. I am looking forward to trying to complete them.

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