our reading group is not that good at working together because lots of people want diffrent amounts of pages to be read. we need to improve on that. the book we chose (wringer) is one of the hardest books but are group is doing pretty good with it. our group could improve by staying focused on the topic. we could help understand the book better if at the end of each chapter one person explains whats going on. if I could change something in our reading groups it would be to change the amount we are reading every night(to small),I don't think we are reading enough of the book. the teachers could help us be more successfull by making sure  we are on topic.I hope my group can improve.
11/10/2009 08:05:53 pm

These are some of the things that I have noticed about your group too. You do need to stay on topic and not all of your group members are being very respectful all the time. I will work closely with your group to change this.


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