On Thursday I went to see the famous play Romeo and Juliet at the Hong Kong academy for preforming arts. Romeo was a 16 year old boy and Juliet was a 15 year old girl which I thought was pretty amazing. Juliet is a close friend of my sister. The play was 3 hours and ended at 10:40. I was a bit tired but it was a really amazing play and there were also some awesome singers. The story line for this play is that there is two people from different families and their two families are enemies, Romeo from the Montague and Juliet is a Capulet. They want to get married but Juliet dad wants here to get married to Paris. Romeo and his fried Mercutio get into a fight and Mercutio dies so Romeo kills the guy who killed Mercutio (Tybalt) and then gets banishied and he sneaks back into town and gets married to Juliet but then Juliet drinks a posion that makes here look dead but she is not actually dead she just does not want to get married to Paris. Romeo thinks she is actually dead and kills himself when Juliet wakes up she finds Romeo dead and takes his knife and stabs himself. If you want to learn more click here.
romeo and juliet. http://www.robertaonthearts.com/RomeoJuliet001051805.jpeg
1/14/2010 09:36:43 am

3 Hours!!!
If I would be there I would sleep for sure

1/14/2010 09:40:31 am

That's so cool I love the story Romeo and Juliet


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