My first reflection I am going to write is about camp

I think I was a risk-taker at camp because I participated in all of the activities. The thing that I think was the most challenging and I am sure other people think so too was the abseil,
Abseil is were you go down a cliff backwards. Another thing that was very hard to do was is sleeping in tents, Well all had to make our own tents and sleep in them. I did not like sleeping in the tents, The ground underneath was very rocky and if I accidentally rolled off my mat I would scratch my hand or arm. The thing I liked best about camp was the climbing wall. I beat the record for  climbing the wall the fastest.
My second reflection is on typing,
I did really well on typing, because in the middle of the year I was behind in typing and now at the end of the year I have finished all the typing levels. I think the reason I caught up is because I practiced one time a day all days and I practiced for 10 minutes each time. At one point in the year I was two months behind and I shot ahead due to practice.

My third reflection is on Mandarin.
This year I think I improved my mandarin because  I practiced every night so I think I have improved my mandarin diction. I think I have been very committed to mandarin I have been getting good grades on my dictation I will show you some of my good test scores compared to my bad test scores.
My fourth reflection is on the exhibition.
I did really well at the exhibition  because me and my solar power team got solar power for the new school in sai kung. We had a meeting with the project designer for the new school in sai kung and we showed him a model solar car. A few weeks later he told us that they are using solar power and wind energy for the new school in sai kung. We were really happy and everyone thought we deserved it after all our hard work.
My fifth reflection is about handwriting.
my handwriting has gotten way better over this year I consecrate more on my handwriting more and I improved it a lot. If you click this link you can see my improved handwriting.
I have improved my math skills because I go on mathletics everyday and I have tried a lot harder during math class. I always complete the math activities that Mr.birch sets for us on mathletics the day he gives it to us. Another thing that I think is helping me with math is my math tutor who gives me some questions about what we are doing in math,he helpted me a lot and is one of the reasons why I have improved.
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