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Marry was so nice pretty and smart she really likes William. William also liked Marry, there are going to start their mission with Walter today, they were just getting ready. Walter also liked Marry so he was trying to show off but Marry did not like Walter so she was dreading going to china with him but at least William would be there with her. William was a bit nervous but also excited. His code name was agent 99 and Marry agent 84,Walter incited he was agent 100. It was nearly time to go, there were just packing,William bought a pouch for his gun in town it was now strapped to his side. The case had also has a picture of a dragon on it. He wondered what gunpowder was made of and if he was good enough to spy on the Chinese.
3/2/2010 10:44:31 am

Good story so far. I like the use of humour at the start. Keep adding lots of detail, what the characters see, where they are, especially when they get to China.


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